Monday, April 30, 2007

Ways to fool-proof your 1:1

One-to-One Institute's Leslie Wilson did a great job identifying the main pitfalls of a 1:1 and how to avoid them. I heard her speak last week at the Intel Visionary Conference in D.C. She previously organized all the professional development for Michigan's Freedom to Learn program.

The savvy 1:1 administrator:

  • Tells stakeholders why school is pursuing a 1:1
  • Provides relevant research (One-to-One offers this)
  • Stays well-informed on trends and best practices
  • Leads by example by using the proposed technology
  • Stays available and willing to work through issues
  • Makes PD a priority each year of the program i.e. budget!!
  • Ensures consistent communication with parents
  • Chooses relevant assessment metrics and uses rubrics to measure progress each year

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